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Vucinic Addict [userpic]
F1 : Mayasia Review
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at April 5th, 2009 (10:31 pm)

I'm not writing a full race report with pitt stops and everything, this is purely a quick review of the race itself.

First of all qualifying kind of summed up F1 this season so far. So fast paced and unpredictable. I know a lot of people say that its boring because Brawn got the two poles and the two wins, but they are just looking at the results and saying the results are boring. The actual action itself is much better. The last, ohh I don't know how many years, a team has always dominated. Theres been some 'suprise' results but thats usually because in quali they were too light, or the race was marred by accidents. This year at during the race and quali theres always been a feel that Button or Barrichello wouldn't get pole or the race win. Jarno Trullis performance was amazing and worth so much praise. The decision from Ferrari to leave their drivers in the pitts made the race a more interesting thought, as we had a Ferrari out of position. Buttons pole lap was amazing especially being 1 or 2 laps heavier then the others around him.

The race started just the same, unexpected, unpredictable and fast paced. Who would have thought Nico would have overtaken all those cars and lead for such a long time? The battles to get past Alonso in his KERS powered car. Jensons laps after Trulli and Nico pitted to elevate himself into the lead. Vettel returning from his lowly position after suffering a 10 place penalty. It was a fantastic race before the rain.

The rain itself brought a lot to the excitement, until it came on too heavy. The teams didn't know which tyres to use. Ferrari messed up their stradgey giving Kimi full wets before it really was raining, you can't say the same about Toyota and BMW. Specially BMW, Robert Kubica had problems in the parade lap, he retired before the end of lap one, which left BMWs hope of points on a very heavy Nick Heidfeld. Being as heavy as he was Nick managed to stay out long enough to pitt and get the right tyres at the exact right time! Which proved the real difference. They managed to elevate Nick from 10th to 2nd. Also Toyota gave Glock the perfect tyres at the perfect time meaning when he came out of the pitts he was able to totally devestate cars and ended up in a well earned 3rd.

Another team and driver that got the tyre choices perfect is Red Bull especially with Webber.  His battle with Hamilton was really exciting to watch, Webber had an advantage over Hamilton but Hamiltons use of KERS and Webbers mistakes meant that the battle continued with many overtakes.

Button was in a class of his own, other then the mistake at the start, he really did stamp his mark onto the race.

The rain got worse, until it looked like you'd need a boat to move on track and the race was red flagged and finally stopped. Because we didn't get to 3/4 race distance everyone got half points.

Hopefully the mix of drivers at the top, and the good racing continues all season.

Drivers Championship
1.Jenson Button - 15
2.Rubens Barrichello - 10
3.Jarno Trulli - 8.5
4.Timo Glock - 8
5.Fernando Alonso - 4
6.Nick Heidfeld - 4
7.Nico Rosberg - 3.5
8.Sebastian Buemi - 2

Constructors Championship

1.Brawn-Mercedes - 25
2.Toyota - 16.5
3.BMW - Sauber - 4
4.Renault - 4
5.Williams-Toyota - 3.5
6.Toro Rosso - Ferrari - 3
7.Red Bull - Renault - 1.5
8.McLaren Mercedes - 1