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Vucinic Addict [userpic]
Track Condition Pics
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at April 2nd, 2009 (01:01 pm)

Yes its a rainy day, or atleast some of the time. The drivers seem to be covered in sunshine but the track... Well a totally different story.

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Vucinic Addict [userpic]
Australia Podium Picspam
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at April 2nd, 2009 (12:40 pm)

I don't think I'll be able to totally ever update from Australia so I'm just going to do a quick podium/Jenson picspam and then focus my attention on keeping up to date from now on.

So yes... Australian Podium and lots of happy Jenson pics :D.

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Vucinic Addict [userpic]
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at April 2nd, 2009 (11:18 am)

A Small F1 Iconspam. Rather small because its just some Jense ones really.

Vucinic Addict [userpic]
Hamilton Excluded from Australia
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at April 2nd, 2009 (10:50 am)

The Stewards today announced that Lewis Hamilton has been excluded from the Australian classifications.

Jarno Trulli has been promoted back to third, meaning Toyota now have 11 points in the Constructors Championship.

The FIA haven't yet made clear what Hamilton did wrong, but from the sounds of it he mislead the Stewards. According to rumour Jarno tried to let Hamilton past AGAIN but Hamilton was going too slow and would not overtake him.


Vucinic Addict [userpic]
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at April 1st, 2009 (06:19 pm)

Before I get serious, EVERYONE in their right mind just knows they want to go AWWW at this super special Heidfeld PicSpam.

I would like to warn everyone now the season is underway there are a handful of drivers I WILL post picspams of whether people like it or not. These drivers are...

Nick Heidfeld, Fernando Alonso, Giancarlo Fisichella, Jenson Button and sometimes Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. I will always picspam the race weekend, but those will probably have their photos left out so I can spam them seperatly. And of course they are just the best xP.

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Vucinic Addict [userpic]
F1 - Australia quick recap
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)

I know its a bad start for us. I wasn't here to post anything over the weekend because my computer died on me. SOOOO I'll do a quick recap now, a picspam later and try to get all the news sorted out.

I am sorry about not being around, I will be from now on though :D.

  • Nico Rosberg dominated practise topping all three sessions.
  • Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello then had a shoot out in Quali landing Jenson another Australian pole position.
  • Jenson went on to dominate pretty much the whole race.
  • Vettel being the only person close enough to stop Jenson for most of the race then went on to crash with one Mr Robert Kubica who had been catching up the pair.
  • PODIUM: Button, Barrichello, Trulli
  • After the race Trulli was given a 25 second penalty which dropped him right out of the points because up until the finishing line we were under Safety car. This gave 3rd place to Lewis Hamilton.
  • Vettel was also given a 10 place grid penalty for Malaysia, and the team fined for letting him carry on racing a 3 wheeled car.
Thats the big news from the race. I will sort everything out as fast as I can.
Not to forget that the LMS starts this weekend meaning watch out for Bruno Senna.

Vucinic Addict [userpic]
Bruno Confirmed for ORECA Le Mans
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at March 24th, 2009 (07:32 pm)

Bruno has been confirmed (or atleast at the moment we believe he's been confirmed) to be driving for ORECA in Le Mans this year.

Bruno Senna will join the ORECA team for the Le Mans 24 Hours this year following his test with the French squad earlier this month.

The Brazilian, who was left without a Formula 1 seat after Brawn GP confirmed Rubens Barrichello as team-mate to Jenson Button, will be joining Stephane Ortelli in this year's edition of the 24-hour classic, driving the number 10 car.

Senna will drive for the team he tested for during the the Le Mans Series official test at Paul Ricard some two weeks ago.

Before he races at Le Mans, the 25-year-old will compete in the Catalonian and Spa-Francorchamps 1000kms events of the Le Mans Series.

The team said Olivier Panis and Nicolas Lapierre will share the No. 11 car.

Two more drivers will be announced in the near future to complete the line-up for the Le Mans 24 Hours.


Good news for us.

June 13-14.

1pm Start.

From Wiki.


Motors TV covered the Le Mans 24 Hours in the entirety in 2006 and 2007. This included coverage of the scrutineering, qualifying, driver parade, warm up and the whole race. In the United States, Speed ChannelEurosport secured a multi-year deal to show the entire race including the qualifying and the motorcycle race. Every hour of the 2008 race was broadcasted in segments on the main channel and on Eurosport 2. In addition live streaming video was provided on Eurosport's web page, albeit not for free. airs partial live coverage through a combination of coverage from the French host broadcaster and their own pit reporting crew. In 2008 The race is also broadcast (in English) on radio by Radio Le Mans. Broadcast from the circuit for the full 24 hours as well as before and after, it offers fans at the race the ability to listen to commentary through radio. Radio Le Mans is also broadcast through internet radio on their website, or on the GlobeCast Radio channel on Sky Digital.

We'll have a Le Mans discussion thread going on the forum for it during the race so see you then ^^.

Vucinic Addict [userpic]
Brazilian Drivers Iconfest!
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at March 23rd, 2009 (05:04 pm)

I'm not sure if I loaded some of these before, but I have a handful of Lucas ones (they might have been posted before), some Ayrton ones I made to dedicate to his birthday and 4 Massa ones. I'm in the middle of making a whole load of other F1 related ones (got bored of the football ones and can't be bothered to screencap Zach for a few days), so maybe later today I'll have some Alonso ones :D.

Vucinic Addict [userpic]
Bruno Senna Test for DTM
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at March 23rd, 2009 (04:50 pm)

Bruno Senna DID Test with Mercedes DTM this week, nothing offical has been released on times or anything but reports have said that he was very strong during the practise and its a good sign for him getting into one of last years Mercedes cars for this DTM season.

Bruno looks set to do both DTM and the Le Mans 24 hour this year in preperation for an opening in F1 with help from Mercedes. Mercedes now give engines to back markers Force India, so if an opening is available there, there is always a chance 2010 will see a Senna in there.

Remember none of this is 'offical' as Mercedes have a very strong, don't talk about anything offically until we say so policy and theres still 2 months till DTM starts. But the signs look promising at least.

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Vucinic Addict [userpic]
FIA Rule Changes
by Vucinic Addict (senna_obsessed)
at March 20th, 2009 (08:27 pm)
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Earlier in the week the FIA announced a Winner Takes All Point change, in which the driver with the most wins would win the championship. Today it turns out that the FIA could not make a new rule this early to the start of season and it seems that the old points scoring system will remain in 2009 and be replaced in 2010.


You can pretty much find the news anywhere, GPUpdate just happened to be the site I was on at this precise moment.

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